You have access to many types of reports, including ad-hoc reports in your payroll account. Here are the different types and the information contained in each.

Pay Run

  • Pay Run History: This report shows the history of all the pay runs you have made. It includes pay cycle dates, payment date, frequency, number of employees, date created, gross pay, Insurable earnings and Remittance. You have several choices on how to filter these reports. You can filter by “Final,” “Interim” or “All” to see only completed, incomplete or all pay runs. You can select “payroll year” to sort by year. You can select to show company portions for the tax amounts to see those broken out. These numbers are included in your remittance totals, so selecting this option allows you to see the details. You can also download into Excel or PDF as needed.
  • Time Sheet: This report will show you every time entry per employee per pay run. It shows employee name, start/end dates, earnings type, hours, rate and cost account. Use this to quickly look up who was paid for what earnings in each pay run. Available to view or download in PDF.
  • Time Summary: An aggregate view of time entries for your payroll runs
  • Journal (Register): This report details all the information for each pay run you have done. You can Filter by Final, Interim or All. When you View the report it does a small breakdown of earnings and deductions. If you download it in PDF it gives a line by line description of all earnings, benefits and deductions used in that pay run (sorted by employee).  Available in View/PDF/XLS (depending on your plan).
  • Cheques/Payslips: For every pay run 1 or 2 reports will be created here. One with cheques/payslips (only if you are NOT on epay) and one with just payslips. You can View them or Download via PDF to print and distribute. Please note, the PDF option is available on the Business plan or higher.
  • Payment Register: This report lists all net payments to employees, including employee names and numbers, payment date, type of payment and which GL account it is reported to.
  • E-Pay / Direct Deposit: If your account has been activated for E-pay/direct deposit you can now see what is being debited from your account and where it is going and when. For details on how to use this report, please see this help article.
  • Summary: The Update Summary comes in 2 versions, View or PDF. If you View it, it is that same nice pie chart you get at the end of every pay run. It breaks down the net employee payments and remittances for you and compares it to your last pay run. If you download the PDF version you will get full details on payroll costs, a breakdown of benefits/deductions, earnings types and each tax amount.

Employee HX


  • Employee Explorer: This report is exactly what it says. It is a list of your employees. When you get to this page you can click “Create New Report” to create an updated report. It will then list your employees both active and terminated. Use the Display Button on the right to select what items you want to display for your employees.
  • Pay Explorer: This report allows you to query any data in your profile. For details on how to use the Dynamic Report please see this help article
    *Some uses for the Pay Explorer include: WSIB calculation (use Insurable earnings report), Statutory holiday calculations, vacation and vacation balance reports, custom reports to sort by earnings or deductions or other pay rules you have created




  • Billing: Coming Soon!
  • General LedgerThe GL report is the report that pushes payroll data to your accounting program when you are integrated with one of our accounting partners. It is created when you close your remittance period. This report pulls from the codes you entered in your COMPANY SETTINGS>PAYROLL OPTIONS>G/L and includes all information related to those codes since the last time you closed your period. You have 3 (or 4 options) options for this report; View, PDF or XML (and Export-Cloud if connected with accounting program).
    *If you are not using an accounting add on then use this report to enter your numbers into your accounting program manually.  *Note, the numbers on this report will not be exactly the same as your payroll.  A GL is an accounting specific report that hits multiple accounts per item (example accrued and then paid out vacation hits the GL 6 times).  This creates a full audit trail of the debits and credits for your accounting books and it is correct.
    VIEW: This will give you an on screen simple overview of the chart of accounts.
    PDF: This will also give you an overview of accounts but you can download and save to your computer or print
    XML: This is an XML version used for integration with certain (non cloud-based) accounting systems
    EXPORT: Use this to resend the data to your integrated accounting service.
  • Remittance Report: This report is another one that is created when you close your remittance period. It shows all your remittance data since the last time you closed the period. Items will be broken down into company and employee portions.
    *Use this report to report your numbers to CRA/MRQ when your remittance is due. Note, you can fully automate remittances to the CRA/MRQ with our ePay service


  • Tax Filings: The T4, T4A and RL-1 reports will give you both Final and Interim copies of your required tax forms reports needed at year end. These are available to View or download in PDF or XML.
  • Year to Date Journal: To create this report you will need to click “Create New Report” and it will pull in every pay run you have done since starting the New Year and break it down by employee, and by pay run. Earnings, benefits, deductions etc. will all be their own line item and then there is a total for each item to date. Available in PDF only.
  • Year to Date Summary: Just like the YTD Journal, to get the most recent report click “Create New Report.” You will get the same information as the YTD Journal, but only with totals by employee, it will not break it down by pay run. Available in View or PDF.
  • Pier Report: The Pier Report is available on the advanced accountant plan and above.  It allows you to run a Pensionable Insurable Earnings Review on your employees before they are terminated or before the last pay of the year to ensure they have correctly contributed to CPP/EI.  This is the same report CRA will run on your employee T4 slips when they are received.  You can see more information on this report HERE
  • **Please note, the PDF option is available on the Business plan or higher.

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