On the Off-Boarding dashboard for your team members you have the option to Undo Termination or Re-hire an off-boarded team member.  Follow the guide below to know which one to choose.  Use the Off-Boarding Progress guide to help you know where you are in process to assist in your decision making. 


Re-hire if you HAVE issued an ROE*.

Re-hiring will put the team member back in your Active team dashboard with their EI record reset. The most important factor that determines a rehire scenario is if a Record of Employment (ROE) has been submitted to Service Canada for this person.  If it has then you should rehire the team member.  Their YTD information will remain the same (if they have any) but their EI record will reset because the information has been sent to Service Canada already.

Selecting Rehire will remove any previous ROE from the program.  

Typically, when your Off-Boarding Progress is completed (green) this is an indication that the ROE has been submitted.  If you submitted manually, you have entered a confirmation number, if you have submitted electronically then progress bar will show as completed once it has been accepted by Service Canada. 

*Exception- If you are using our Reverse Pay Run feature and need to make an employee active again in order to reverse their pay or another employee's pay you should NOT rehire.  If changing a previous pay for this employee, undo the termination instead, perform the reversal and off-board again.  You can use the new data on the ROE to make a manual amendment on the Service Canada website.  

Undo Termination

Undo Termination if you HAVE NOT issued an ROE.*

Undo Termination will put the employee back into your Active team dashboard as if they have had never been terminated.  Typically, you would use this if you have not issued an ROE to Service Canada and need to go back to complete a final payment for an employee. Their EI data and YTD will remain exactly as it was before you started off-boarding them.  

*Note if you Undo Termination and have issued an ROE, or if you Re-Hire and have not issued an ROE you may need to make manual changes to the ROE or on ROEWEB directly for any discrepancies.