Restoring an accidentally terminated employee

If you've accidentally terminated an employee before processing their final pay run, or if you need an ROE for some purpose OTHER THAN SUBMITTING TO SERVICE CANADA here's how:

  1. Log into your Payroll account and navigate to the EMPLOYEES area. To see the list of terminated employees, click on the Team dropdown and Select Off-Boarding.
  2.  You'll see a list of terminated employees, click on the ellipses (..) beside the employee you wish to reinstate and Select UNDO TERMINATION
  3. You'll be prompted to verify that you have NOT issued a record of employment and click UNDO TERMINATION.
  4. Your employee will be moved to your Team dashboard and can now process payroll as usual for that employee.


NOTE: If you have already issued a Record of Employment for this employee, AND submitted it to Service Canada , you should RE-HIRE the employee instead. This will clear the EI history and set their re-hire date accordingly.  See this article HERE to understand the difference between Undo Termination and Re-hire