After completing your company settings, you can add team members to your organization.

Note: Team members can be added individually or in bulk via CSV file import.

A. To add a team member, select Employees from the left-side menu.

B. Click Add Member to add an individual team member.

C. Select Team Member Type. Follow the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines to determine the type of your team member.

D. Click Continue to set up employee information.

E. Enter the Employee information -  Name, Email and Mobile Phone Number.

F. Click Continue.

G. Invite employees to PayChequer via email or SMS.

H. Click Continue.

I. Enter Personal Details.

J. Click Continue.

K. Fill in the employee's payroll details.

L. Click Continue.

M. If you've already processed payments for this employee this year using another payroll service, please select 'Yes' to include their year-to-date information. Otherwise, choose 'No'.

N. Click Continue.

O. Click Add Benefits to set the benefit rules.

P. Select the pay rule from the Rule Name field. Choose whether you want the amount per pay to be a fixed ($) amount or a percent (%) of the gross pay. Enter the amount per pay period.

Q. Click Continue.

R. A checklist of the on-boarding steps will be shown. Review to ensure you've completed all the steps. Click Continue.

You can continue to edit the team member as needed from your team dashboard to add direct deposit or other details.
Tip: If you have a started on-boarding a team member but did not complete the steps, the individual will be shown in your Onboarding View. Select the Team dropdown to see your Team Dashboard options.
To Upload Multiple Team Members:
S. Click Employees to go back to employee list.

T. Upload your completed CSV file fist by selecting the ellipses on the top menu bar of the Team or On-Boarding dashboard.

U. Click Import Employees.

V. Click Select Files to upload your team member list or update your team members list.
W. Click Continue once your file has been imported.

You will get a notification of a successful upload or if there are any problems.

After you upload your new team members remember to edit team members to add their benefits, deductions, and vacation settings.