Setting up your company consists of entering your details, such as pay frequency, custom pay rules and more. To configure your company settings, head over to the left-hand menu and click Settings




Company Profile 

The Company Profile contains all of the account-specific information, such as your payment details, expiration date, and company name. 



The Corporation Profile is where you can enter your company’s details. Most of the information is entered upon registration, but you can always change it or add to it by entering the new information and clicking Update. Feel free to enter a company alias (a shortened name for your company) to assist your employees signing into PayChequer. 


The Payments Profile contains the banking information associated to your account. To begin adding an account, click on the +ADD button as seen below. Once an account is added, you will see it as a selectable option from the dropdown. For full instructions on setting up ePay, please see our guide here

Setting up ePay for your account typically takes 5 business days. As a result, we recommend beginning this process early in the set up process to give yourself some time to gather all of the documents you’ll need. 



The Account Details tab will show other account details, such as your last sign-in, your expiration date and other information. 


Payroll Options 

Payroll Options is where you can set your payroll settings, such as pay frequency, the payroll year, your GL configuration and more. 



In System Options, you can set your company’s pay and remittance frequency. Please be sure to enter your remittance frequency according to the CRA to ensure that we can remit on time for you (if you are setting up ePay). Here, you can also set your timesheet entry preference to either Daily (entering hours per day) or in Bulk (enter the total hours worked for the pay run).  

The G/L tab is for configuring your General Ledger. You will need to return here if you are integrating with an accounting program. 

Cheque Layout allows you to configure the cheques that will be printed on each pay run (if applicable). If you intend to print cheques and pay slips, be sure to visit this tab to modify the layout to best suit your needs. 

In the PIN Security tab, you can set up a PIN that will be needed to finalize each transaction for the account. It needs to be composed of 6 numeric digits. This feature is available on all paid plans.

To change the Payroll Year, go to this tab and select any of the available years from the drop down (and be sure to Save!). 


Pay Rules 

Pay Rules is where you’ll go to set up deductions, benefits, earnings, company rules (BC, ON and QC only) and vacation. 



If you have any benefits or deductions that you need to add to your employees, visit the respective tab to create it. For full instructions on creating custom rules, see our guide here for custom earnings, and here for custom benefits and deductions

If you have to set up EHT for Ontario or BC, or CNESST in Québec, go to Company Rules. If you do not see the employer tax rule that you are looking to set up, please contact us. For more information on setting up these taxes, please see the articles below: 

To accrue/release a vacation percentage other than the default 4/6/8%, you can go to the Vacation tab to create a new rule. For more information on setting up vacation, please see this article


Next Steps

If you're moving over from another payroll provider, you will want to follow the next steps in Changing Payroll Providers to make your transition as easy as possible. Alternatively, you can return to our Easy Getting Started Guide.