How to Add Custom Earnings

Creating and adding custom earnings for your staff is easily done with our custom pay rules feature. 

You can use this to distinguish between different jobs and different rates that you may pay an employee.

To add a Custom Earning, follow these steps:





Fill in the information in the rule pop-up

Name - This will show on the employee pay slip and your payroll reports

Description - Optional

GL - If you use our Plus plan, you can designate a GL code for this earning. All other please must leave this field blank

Enabled - This will make it available if you wish to use it in a pay run

T4 Box - Enter a box number if you want the amount to show in a box other than 14 (if taxable income)

Provincial Box - for QC employees only, enter a box letter if you want the amount to show in a box other than A on the RL-1 (if taxable income)

Select which taxes the rule is subject to (CPP, EI, Fed, Prov.)

Occasional Earnings - This will set the rule to tax using Bonus Tax Method and is for payments that are paid one to two times per year

Vacationable - Select if this earning is subject to vacation calculations

E. Click SAVE

This earnings rule is now available to use in a pay run. When running your payroll, approve regular earnings first, then click the +ADD to add any additional earnings. 

Your new rule will be available from the Earnings Code dropdown

*Include the rate in the Rule Name if you want your employee to see that they were paid a different rate for the work that they performed