You can move to PayEvo at anytime of year. Following the steps in this guide to move away from another payroll provider either mid year or at year end will make your experience much smoother.

Suggestions for Moving Regardless of Timing:

  • Have your previous payroll provider submit ROEs for your employees using the code, "changing payroll providers." When you add them in PayEvo their hire date will be the day after the last day worked on the issued ROE. Service Canada will store this information as “interim” and should you terminate them at a later date in PayEvo they will combine them.
  • The employee will not be notified of the ROE so there is concern, you are simply submitting data to Service Canada that you would otherwise have to manually input later.
  • Remove all access your previous provider may have had to any of the following:
    • Service Canada
    • CRA
    • MRQ
    • WSIB/WCB
    • Any other legislative body that allows them to speak on your behalf
  • Download and save all reports you may need in the future. Likely you will not have access to your account there after you cancel so make sure you take everything you might need.


Moving to PayEvo is easy - gathering this recommended data from your previous provider will make the transition simple.

Suggestions for Moving Mid-Year

When moving mid-year, you have to take into consideration that the employees have already worked for you and need a continual record of all amounts for payslip and tax form accuracy. This one-time entry will make your life much easier.

  • Employee YTD
    • Each employee has a YTD page. You can enter a bulk entry or a more detailed entry for more transparency with your employees.
    • Have the employees’ last payslip

Next Steps

For a complete walkthrough on adding your employees, please see How do I Add/Edit an employee? Or return to our Easy Getting Started Guide.