Setup your payroll with NetSuite and get integrated timesheets and report tracking in a seamless interface.


Connecting your PayEvo and NetSuite accounts

Connecting your accounts is simple and you only have to do it once.  Follow the steps below start your amazing payroll experience.

  1. Login to your NetSuite account and select Payroll>Run Payroll>PE Payroll from your top menu bar.
    Pro-Tip: right click on PE Payroll and open link in a new tab to keep your NetSuite account open at the same time.

    *If you do not have the Payroll button go to Suite App>Financial Service and select PaymentEvolution Payroll.
  2. Give authorization for PE to connect to NetSuite.
  3. Choose a subsidiary if applicable.
  4. Your integration will start automatically.
  5. Next your employees will be brought over from NetSuite.  Any fields that are incorrect will show so you can resolve any issues that arise.
  6. You will then be prompted to map your GL Chart of Accounts.  This is where your payroll data will land in NetSuite after you run payroll.  You can use the suggested field provided by NetSuite or use the dropdown to customize for your needs.
  7. Once you are done, click Save.
  8. You have finished the integration.  Once you click Continue you are almost ready to start running payroll.
  9. You can now go back to the integration, book a training or go to your PayEvo dashboard.
  10. We highly recommend booking a training to get the most out of your PayEvo experience.  One of team members will help walk you through setting up the rest of your account and running your first payroll. 


If you want to give a go on your own, Select PayEvo Dash and refer to these articles to help set up benefits and deductions, finish setting up your employees and running payroll.



Running Payroll