Setup ePay

Switching to electronic payments streamlines payroll, business payments and government remittances.





Setup ePay

With the ePay service, adding electronic payments has never been easier. To get started, login to your account, and click the "sign up" link for direct deposit in your dashboard.


Documents you'll need

Make sure you gather the following documents to begin your application:

Documents must be in the following formats: 

jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .svg, .pdf.

Business registration (1)

  • Incorporation documents
  • Business registration documents

Bank verification (1)

  • A void cheque or
  • Image of a processed and cleared cheque or
  • Letter from your branch manager

Identification (2 for each required signatory)

  • Valid Canadian driver's license
  • Valid Canadian passport
  • Valid Canadian permanent resident card

Application processing

Once your application is fully submitted, it will be processed within 5 business days. If we require any further information, we'll be in touch. Once your application is approved, you will receive a notice via email that your account has been activated and you'll be able to process electronic payments in your account.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to provide bank verification and identification for this service?
Since we are dealing directly with your bank account, we need to verify that you are the signing officer for the account and have the ability to delegate us to make payments from that account. This requires us to gather physical evidence (i.e. billing statements, incorporation papers and photo ID). All this information is used only to verify your identity and establish the e-Pay service. We treat this information as highly sensitive and private - and in accordance with our privacy policy, we will never sell or rent your private information to others.

Who can I pay with this service?
Payments may be made to any domestic Canadian dollar bank or credit union account (business or personal). In addition, remittance payments may be made to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec.

If I change bank accounts, do I need to apply again?
Yes, a new application is necessary if you wish to add a new account or add any additional accounts to your profile.

Can I still process the occasional cheque in my account?
Yes, if your plan supports cheques, you can still issue the occasional cheque payment.

How are fees calculated for electronic payments?
For most plans there is a fee per transaction. For payroll payments, the debit and credits count as transactions. If you are paying 5 employees, the number of transactions would be 6 (one withdrawal from your corporate bank account and 5 payments to your employee bank accounts). For business payments, the fee is per business payment. If you were paying 5 vendors, the fee would be for 5 business payments. For remittance payments, the fee is per remittance collected (typically per pay run) for most plans. If you want to learn about our all inclusive plans please reach out to us and we are here to help.



The ePay service is fully integrated with payroll and business payments. Just set the recipient's pay to direct deposit and they'll receive funds electronically in their designated bank or credit union account - they will thank you for it!