Review your YTD (Year To Date)

Start by going to Actions>Year End to start the RL-1 process.

Your YTD Summary has been created, click to Review YTD to see it on screen or use the ellipsis menu on the header to view in XLS after you have clicked to Review YTD.

Generate Your RL-1 Slips

Using the menu pictured above when you are ready to create your RL-1 slips, click Generate RL-1.

Your employees' data will show in a grid format as pictured below.

Use the bottom scroll bar to slide across the grid, Employee and SIN will remain pinned. 

Use the ellipsis menu on the top right of the grid view to perform any of the following actions

Add Box- If you need to report custom amounts on the employee RL-1 slips, use this to add a custom box number for reporting these amounts.

Change Box- Mistakenly put wrong box on your Pay Rules but made other manual changes and don't want to rest all?  This field will let you change the annotation from one box to another.

Excel Report- Download an XLS copy of your complete grid.  *Any changes on the XLS will NOT change the RL-1 slips.

Reset All RL-1s- Regenerate your RL-1s from your employees' YTD records or updated pay rules.  Any manual changes you have made to the slips will be removed if you click this option.

Select RL-1s- Use this option to perform reset or exclude on only specific T4s by selecting employees.

Use the ellipsis menu at the end of each employee line to perform any of the following actions:

View Full Slip- View a full screen version of this employee's slip.

Edit Address- Edit the address for the employee.  This will carry over to the employee's profile as well.

Exclude- Remove this slip from your records.  This will not remove any data in the system for this employee, just the slip.

Reset to Defaults- Regenerate just this slip from the employee's YTD.

Full Slip View

Prefer the full slip view for each employee?  Use the dropdown next to All Employee RL1s to change the view.

Use the employee drop down or the right/left navigation bars to move to another employee.
Make and Save any changes needed.

Add a Slip

Adding a slip for an employee who you paid in the tax year, but was never added into your account, can be done only from the Full Slip View.  Click the ellipsis menu on the top right of any slip and select Add New RL1.

Fill in all boxes as needed and Save.  This slip will now be added to your Summary.
To complete your RL-1ss navigate back to All Employee RL-1s from your view options.

Select to Approve (#) Slips to move to your company summary.

Generating your RL-1 Summary

Once you have completed your slips, your next step is to generate your Company Summary.

Fill in the information noted below.  Pay attention to the tool tips as they can help you find the information you need.  

**Start by downloading the RL Checklist for all the items you will need to complete your RL-1 Summary


Total Payroll- this is your totals from Box A of your slips.

Industry- Enter your Industry if not pre-filled from your Company Settings.

CEWS or large investment projects?

*Some employers who paid furloughed employees or participated in large investment projects may be eligible for a credit on their HSF (to be determined by MRQ).  To see if you are eligible, please see HERE.

If you check either box we will prefill your code for box 31 for you with the proper code.  Enter the salaries and wages eligible for the credit and be sure to include the required forms when you send your RL-1 Summary to Rev QC. 

*Note MRQ will provide a credit to you if you qualify, it is not calculated as part of your RL-1 Summary.

Calculated HSF- We will prefill this amount based on your information.

Total Remitted- Enter the amount received by MRQ for HSF for the tax year.

HSF Owing/Refund will show on screen.


Total Payroll is carried forward as a note.


Remuneration subject to CNT contribution- Use this form HERE to get this number.

Contribution Amount is auto calculated based on MRQ rates.


*This section will only show if your payroll is above $2 million. 

Payroll Remuneration- enter the amount from the guide HERE

Eligible Expenditures- enter the amount of your eligible training expenditures. Please use the guide HERE to see what you can include.  Add them up and enter the number here.  You can also carry forward unused amounts per the instructions in this guide.

Total WSDRF: this is the amount calculated based on your numbers above.

RL-1 Summary Totals

Enter the Total Received by MRQ by either logging into My Account for Business with MRQ, clicking on Payroll and then Account Balances or from your RL2-1.S.V that you received from MRQ in December and have added in any amounts not already reported on there.  

*You will need to enter the amount MRQ has reported receiving for the tax year, even if PaymentEvolution has been remitting on your behalf.  

Your total owing/refund will appear on screen.

Click Continue once complete.

Quebec Transmitter number- this is given to you by RQ to be able to file your XML slips electronically. *Note this could also be your accountant's Transmitter Number if they are filing on your behalf.  

NEQ- This is your QC business number. If you don’t have one you can register for one HERE.  Note if you are an accountant filing on behalf of your client enter YOUR NEQ, not the client's.

XML Initial Slip Number- this is provided to you by RQ.  If you do not have it, please contact them directly.  *Hint- You reuse the same numbers each year as long as the quantity is sufficient

Proprietor SIN- some corps require this, please click on the "i" to see if you are required to enter this or what to enter if not.

Person to Contact- enter the name of the contact person if different from what is pre-filled from your Company Profile.

Click Continue once complete.  

Filing your RL-1 Slips and Summary

After completing slips and summary you must submit them to MRQ.  You will have 3 options available.

Automatic Submission- Submissions are made to MRQ on your behalf. This is the fastest and easiest way to file your tax slips with Revenu Québec. Note: submission fees apply  You must still submit your summary to MRQ via XML or mail. 

Online Submission- Download an XML file and login to MRQ and upload your files.  You will get a confirmation number after uploading, please retain this number for finalization of your RL-1s.

Manual Submission- Download a PDF of the slips and summary and send to MRQ..

*Note, you will need your submission number from MRQ if you have filed via Online or Manual Submission in order to publish.

Your confirmation number can be found by logging into MRQ My Account for Business.

*Instructions coming soon



Write down the submission number for the return needed and enter this on your year end to publish slips for employees.