Review your YTD (Year To Date)

Start by going to Actions>Year End to start the T4A process.

Your YTD Summary has been created, click to Review YTD to see it on screen or use the ellipsis menu on the header to view in XLS after you click.

Note- The on-screen and XLS are for VIEW ONLY purposes, any changes to the XLS will NOT be saved.

Generate Your T4A Slips

Using the menu pictured above when you are ready to create your T4A slips, click Generate T4A.

Your contractors' data will show in a grid format as pictured below.

Use the bottom scroll bar to slide across the grid, Employee and SIN will remain pinned. 

Use the ellipsis menu on the top right of the grid view to perform any of the following actions

Add Box- If you need to report custom amounts on the employee T4 slips, use this to add a custom box number for reporting these amounts.

Change Box- Mistakenly allocated amounts to the wrong box number on your Pay Rules but made other manual changes and don't want to reset all?  This field will let you change and allocate the values from one box to another.

Excel Report- Download MS Excel copy of the on-screen values.  Note: any changes performed in the XLS file will not change the T4A slips.

Reset All T4As- Regenerate your T4As from your contractors' YTD records or updated pay rules.  Any manual changes you have made to the slips will be removed if you click this option.

Select T4As- Select multiple contractors to perform further actions.

Use the ellipsis menu at the end of each employee line to perform any of the following actions:

View Full Slip- View a full screen version of this contractor's slip.

Edit Address- Edit the address for the contractor.  This will carry over to the contractor's profile as well.

Exclude- Remove this slip from your records.  This will not remove any data in the system for this contractor, just the slip.

Reset to Defaults- Regenerate just this slip from the contractor's YTD values.

Full Slip View

Prefer the full slip view for each contractor?  Use the dropdown next to All Employee T4As to change the view.

Use the employee drop down or the right/left navigation bars to move to another person.

Make and Save any changes needed.

Add a Slip

Adding a slip for a contractor who you paid in the tax year, but was never added into your account, can be done only from the Full Slip View.  Click the ellipsis menu on the top right of any slip and select Add New T4A

Fill in all boxes as needed and Save.  This slip will now be added to your Summary.
To complete your T4As navigate back to All Employee T4As from your view options.

Select to Approve (#) Slips to move to your company summary.

Generating your T4A Summary

Once you have completed your slips, your next step is to generate your Company Summary.

Fill in the information noted below.  Pay attention to the tool tips as they can help you find the information you need.  

**In most cases all amounts are zero on the T4A.  If needed, the total received by CRA can be found by logging into My Business Account with CRA, clicking on Payroll and then Account Balances.  You will need to enter the amount CRA has reported receiving for the tax year, even if PaymentEvolution has been remitting on your behalf.  

Click Continue once complete.

Filing your T4A Slips and Summary

After completing slips and summary you must submit them to CRA.  You will have 3 options available.

Automatic Submission- Submissions are made to the CRA on your behalf. This is the fastest and easiest way to file your tax slips with the CRA. Note: submission fees apply 

Online Submission- Download an XML file and login to CRA and upload your files.  You will get a confirmation number after uploading, please retain this number for finalization of your T4As.

Manual Submission- Download a PDF of the slips and summary and send to CRA. 

Once your T4s have been filed with CRA, Publish them to ensure employees have access to them through PayChequer. 


If you have filed the slips manually and did not use the automated submission service, you will need your submission number from CRA in order to publish the T4A slips to your contractors. Your confirmation number can be found by logging into CRA My Business Account.

Go to Payroll on left hand menu and select the RP account.

Under View section click View Return Details

Scroll down the page and you will see a list of submitted returns.  Write down the submission number for the return needed and enter this on your year end to publish slips for employees.