The following plans include CSV file import for adding team members:

Plan CSV File Import
Acc Starter  
Acc Advanced

To import employees using CSV, download the template from the bottom of this article and fill it in using the file specifications below.

*It is critical that you follow the specification for the file. Failure to do so will result in a failed import. If you would like one of our specialists to review your file for potential errors, we offer this as an add-on service. Let us know if you would like to know more.

Ready To Import

If you have not already done so, please contact us to activate this feature on your account.

Login to your account and go to Employees


Click Import



You will receive confirmation of the upload or any issues encountered on screen.




  Name Field size Description Mandatory?
1 EmployeeNumber 15 Custom employee number (optional). System generated if left blank. N
2 FirstName 30 Employee first name Y
3 LastName 30 Employee last name Y
4 MiddleName 30 Employee middle name N
5 SIN 9 Validated SIN number - Numeric type Y
6 DOB   Date of Birth, format dd/mm/yyyy (must include "/") Y
7 DOH   Date of Hire, format dd/mm/yyyy (must include "/") Y
8 PayRate   Amount based on PayRateUnit, numeric only Y
9 PayRateUnit 1 Y = Yearly
H = Hourly
M = Monthly
W = Weekly
10 PaysPerYear 2 52 - Weekly
26 – Bi-Weekly
12 – Monthly
04 – Quarterly
01 – Yearly
24 - Semi-monthly
22 - 22 Pays a year
13 - 13 Pays a year
10 - 10 Pays a year
Defaults to company default PaysPerYear
11 TD1   Personal exemption amount, Federal
(defaults to base exemption), numeric
12 TDP   Personal exemption amount, Provincial  (defaults to base exemption), numeric N
13 Add1 25 Address line 1 Y
14 Add2 25 Address line 2 N
15 City 25 City Y
16 Province 2 AB = Alberta
BC = British Columbia
MB = Manitoba
NB = New Brunswick
NL = Newfoundland and Labrador
NS = Nova Scotia<
NT = Northwest Territories
NU = Nunavut
ON = Ontario
PE = Prince Edward Island
QC = Quebec
SK = Saskatchewan
YT = Yukon
17 Postal 6 Postal code (A1A1A1 format, no space) N
18 GLAccount 8 Cost account for employee earnings, Numeric N
19 Phone 10 Contact number, Numeric N
20 Title 30 Job title within company N
21 Email 60 Email address N
22 EmployeeType 1 P = Permanent (default)
S = Subcontractor
T = Temporary
23 SalaryType 1 S = Salaried employee
L = Timesheet employee
24 Password 6 Employee password for access N
25 Institution 3 For direct deposit - institution number N
26 Branch 5 for direct deposit - branch. Must be 5 digits N
27 AccountNumber 12 For direct deposit. Max 12 digits. Canadian banks supported only. N
28 YTD:RegularEarnings   Year to date earnings (numeric) N
29 YTD:FederalTax   Year to date federal tax (numeric) N
30 YTD:ProvincialTax   Year to date provincial tax (numeric). Use for Quebec only - other taxes should go into Federal Tax (column 29 YTD:FederalTax) N
31 YTD:EI   Year to date employment insurance (employee portion) - numeric N
32 YTD:CPP   Year to date Canada Pension Plan contributions (employee portion) - numeric N


If you have custom earnings codes that you need to add the YTD for- go to COMPANY SETTINGS>PAY RULES>EARNINGS.  There is a 2-digit number next to your earnings name, this is the YTD:DIGITCODE you would use on the CSV in a new column.

For Example, YTD for Support from the picture below you would create a column with the header YTD:20


Please note, while Microsoft Excel does work with CSVs, we suggest using a true CSV editor to edit/create your CSV files. Excel has a tendency to change the format on the user, which will result in a failed import.  There are many free CSV editors available online.

After Importing

Edit any other employee details as needed.   You may need to edit fields under Payroll Details and Rules, Benefits and Deductions.

 You can download a sample CSV file below