If you’ve made a mistake with an amount, forgotten to update a SIN or even a change of address, you may need to amend a T4 or a T4A. Fortunately, with PaymentEvolution, you can do this directly in the app. 

This feature is available on the following plans: Business, Business Basic, Business Plus, all Accountant plans.

NOTE- when you click to Amend slips it automatically pulls them off PayChequer until you complete them again. 

Getting Started 

To begin amending your T4s, go to Actions > Year End 

Then, select the correct year in the upper left of your Year End Checklist.


Then click Review T4/T4A

On the Summary screen, click View T4/T4A.


Use the ellipses (...) on the top right of the grid to Amend T4/T4A.

This will open a check box field on the far left for each employee.

Select the employee (s) you need to amend and click on the ellipses (...) on top right of the grid again and select Amend.

This will change those employee slips from Finalized to Amending.

Make changes as needed.

*Hint- if you only to amend one slip you can choose the ellipses (...) to the far right on the employee line and choose to amend just that slip.

Approve slips once completed.

**NOTE- If you did NOT submit your original slips you can Undo them to put them back in the original state by clicking Undo T4s.  This is only available if you did not use Auto Submission.

If you previously submitted your Summary with the amount properly remitted to CRA enter 0.00 in the Total Received by CRA field.

Submit to CRA via auto submission (ePay required, fee applies), online submission, or by mail. 

If not using auto submission enter your confirmation number or phrase to publish them to PayChequer again.