CNESST calculations (formerly CSST)

For pay runs in tax year 2015 or later, you can have the system automatically calculate your company contribution to CNESST/CSST (Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail).

First, make sure your company is registered with the CNESST if you are based in Québec or have Québec-based employees. 

An employer must register within 14 days of hiring the first employee. You must also supply, within 60 days, the necessary information about the nature of the activities and the wages you expect to pay during the year. This information is used to determine the annual premium the company must pay.

You can register with the CNESST online or by telephone: 1-866-302-CSST (2778).

Once you know your CNESST premium rate, you can enter that detail in your payroll account.

Go to SETTINGS  settings-icon-gear.PNG  and select PAY RULES. On the COMPANY RULES tab, you can enter the CNESST details as noted below. Note: your company rate may be different than what is shown here.

Make sure you have ENABLED the rule by checking the box "enabled". SAVE the entry - and any future pay runs will now calculate CNESST for you.


Important notes:

  • CNESST can only be enabled for Québec-based businesses in the system. If your company is based in another province, you'll see the option to turn on other provincial programs (for example, EHT in Ontario)
  • If you use ePay and have elected to make your remittance payments electronically then the CNESST portion will be remitted for you. You do not need to file this separately.
  • We recommend using a unique general ledger code for your CNESST rule so you can track these payments in your reports.
  • Company owners can be CNESST exempt.  To set this properly go to EMPLOYEES> PROFILE>PAYROLL >TAX RULES.  Change the field for WCB Exempt to Yes and your earnings will not be subject to CNESST.
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