Apply for Transmitter Number by mid-December


  1. You must have a transmitter number (composed of the letters NP and six digits) in order to submit your RL-slips in XML (required). To obtain a transmitter number, complete and return to RQ a copy of the Transmitter Registration FormED - 430-V. Once they process the form, they will confirm your registration in an email providing your transmitter number and a series of sequential numbers that you must use for each . Note: RQ receives the requests and responds in less than 24 hours. ALTERNATIVELY, you can also fill out the form ED-430 and send it to 


  1. Your transmitter number and the series of sequential numbers are reserved for you and must be reused each year. The same series of numbers should be used from one year to the next, as long as the quantity is sufficient and, each year, you begin with the first number in the series. No slip may have the number 000000000


  1. You must contact the Division de l'acquisition des données électroniques by email at or by telephone at 418 659-1020 or, toll-free, at 1 866 814-8392 if:
  • the series of sequential numbers for RL slip is insufficient;
  • there are changes to your contact information, the software you use or the resource person(s) given in the registration form.
  • Be Sure To Have Your Transmitter Number On Hand.
  • *Note this could also be your accountant's Transmitter Number if they are filing on your behalf.  

 Before you begin your RL-1 slips and summary review the following guidelines:

The following link explains important preliminary information needed for filing RL-1s


 Go to this article HERE to find out how to complete your RL-1 Slips

**HINT- you will need the numbers from this article to complete your company summary and submit your slips.  


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