If an employee is leaving your payroll, you can use the system to "terminate" their employment. You'll use this if an employee ceases work with you, goes on maternity leave or in any case that requires you to generate a Record of Employment for them.  

Please remember to first pay out any outstanding payroll, vacation or any other amounts owing prior to terminating.

To pay out all vacation owing see this article HERE and follow instructions on #5

**Please check with your accountant/labour standards or CRA if you are required to make any severance payments.

Terminating the Employee

  1. Login to your payroll account and navigate to EMPLOYEES -> click the Terminate button beside the employee name
  2. If you have any outstanding vacation accrued for the employee, you'll see a warning message:
    You can click the X and go back to the RUN PAYROLL screens to pay out the outstanding vacation before proceeding.  
    Once you've cleared any outstanding vacation - specify the reason for leaving and the termination date and click TERMINATE
    If the employee will be returning and they wish to keep their vacation balance you can click TERMINATE without paying out the vacation
  3. You'll now be able to view the Record of Employment for the employee by clicking YES on this pop-up.
  4. To submit your ROE to Service Canada (REQUIRED) - follow the steps in our ROE guide
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