Special Runs - what are they and when do I use them?

Special runs are a great feature available in the system to allow for off-cycle runs.  They are available on any of our paid plans and you can select it on the “Select Pay Cycle” page in the “payroll type” section.  They have a few features and here are a few suggested uses for them.


  • Does not affect any employees who are not part of the special run
  • Does not take CPP/QPP exemptions into account


  • Use the special run to perform another run within the same period as a regular pay run. For example, if you need to add some additional hours or earnings to an employee that you already processed in your regular run, the special run allows you to add them in for the same pay cycle.
    • In the Special Run just include the MISSING amount/hours, the regular run will remain with the previous payment amounts. 
  • Special off-cycle payment outside of your regular pay run.


When you use a special pay run to add extra earnings to an already completed regular run when you reach the Calculate step of the pay run it is recommended you choose "No, use custom calculations," and then turn off any benefits/deductions the employee should be subject to again.

Hint:- Use the same dates as the regular run to ensure reporting accuracy