If you have missed a deadline for direct deposit you can fund the pay run for the pay date using wire, bill payment or Interac etransfer (under $25,000). 
Bill payment holds a $10 fee and wire/Interac hold a $30 fee for us to receive it. Your bank may charge you to send a wire as well.
Step 1- On the PAYMENTS step of your pay run select Wire/bill payment for your funding Source/bank Information and then update the payment date if needed.  Use the Wire code for both wire and Interac payments.  These hold a 1 day lead time.  Bill payments hold a 2 day lead time.  Complete payroll as normal and note amount on Authorization screen to send.
Step 2- Login to your online banking and send the wire/Interac etransfer/bill payment to us.  If this is your first time sending a wire/Interac etransfer/bill payment please email us to let us know which method you have selected and we will send instructions on how to complete the payment.
Payments must be received at least 1 business day prior to the payment date by 3:30 EST for on time payments.
IF YOU HAVE FINALIZED PAYROLL: Please let us know what option you wish to use wire/Interac etransfer/bill payment we can manually make the adjustment to the source account on our side as well as the employee payment date.  Please let us know BEFORE we debit your bank account if possible.
There will be fees to make changes to a finalized payroll.
Note we need to receive the wire/Interac etransfer/bill payment at least 1 business day before the payment date by 3:30EST.  Most wires/bill payments it can take up to 24 hours for us to receive it, so please send the payments with this taken into account so we can ensure we get it on time to make the employee payment. Interac etransfers are usually received within 1 hour of sending the payment. 
Let us know if you have any questions.