Programs that remember passwords can be great and extremely useful, but sometimes their desire to auto-fill everything can lead to issues.  Our team has gotten a series of enquiries about employee information being transposed onto another employee's page.  This phenomenon seems to only occur with the auto-fill associated with the LastPass program.  This can be scary and confusing but rest assured there is an easy solution.

  • If you use LastPass and see the above scenario happening DO NOT CLICK SAVE on your employee page.  At the beginning this is only a visual imprint of something LastPass has remembered for you.  But if you click SAVE it will stay.
  • To prevent this from happening we have installed a block on auto-fill options, but with LastPass you need to tell it to respect that block.  Here's how:
    • Go to your LastPass icon on your browser and select PREFERENCES
    • Once in Preferences click on Advanced and check the box to Respect AutoComplete=Off and click Save
    • Once completed you should have no further issues.
    • If you did click SAVE on an employee prior to setting this up properly please contact our support team using the Submit a Request option on the top right of this page.  We will do our best to help.