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QuickBooks (desktop) integration


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    Payroll supports QuickBooks (desktop) integration for QuickBooks 2009 and higher. 

    Integration with third-party accounting software like QuickBooks is available for subscribers on a paid plan. This service allows you to post payroll transactions into QuickBooks (desktop) as general journal entries for bookkeeping purposes.

    If you are not familiar with charts of accounts or general ledger codes, please see 

    1. To get started, login to your Payroll account and go to SETTINGS settings-icon-gear.PNG  -> ADD-ONS
    2. Enable integration with QuickBooks
    3. Now go to SETTINGS -> PAYROLL OPTIONS -> GL tab
      From here we'll import your QuickBooks "chart of accounts" so we can match pay run data to the right accounts in QuickBooks. Click "import from other service" and select QuickBooks as the source.
    4. You'll be prompted to upload your QuickBooks "chart of accounts" file. Make sure the file you are uploading is an IIF file. If you do not have the file, you can create one from QuickBooks:

    Launch QuickBooks, go to FILE -> UTILITIES -> EXPORT -> LISTS TO IIF FILES


    Now select the list you wish to export; in our case this is your "Chart of Accounts"


    Save the file locally (remember the name and location - we'll need it shortly)
    5. Now go back to Payroll and upload your "chart of accounts" file we just saved.

    6. Match the imported "chart of accounts" with the general ledger in Payroll


    Note that you can map multiple Payroll codes to the same Chart of Accounts code in QuickBooks - "Payroll Source Deductions" for example. This will group those deductions when you export the data to QuickBooks and may make your bookkeeping easier. Consult your account or bookkeeper for specific advice.  **NOTE if your Payroll account name contains a special character ( e.g. &, ', " etc.) Quickbooks may not recognize it.

    Now, when you run payroll and close your payroll period, you'll have the option to export the payrun data to QuickBooks. We'll use the import function in QuickBooks to bring in this payroll data:

    1. Launch QuickBooks and navigate to FILE -> UTILITIES -> IMPORT -> IIF FILES

    **Please note your Chart of Accounts from QB and your Pay Rule names must match EXACTLY and contain no symbols in order for the accounts to line up.

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