Navigating in EVOLV

These new features are amazing, so here’s how to use EVOLV.  Start by making it your own!  Rearrange any of the feature options above by dragging them to where you want to see them on your dashboard.  This view will then autosave.

Top ribbon shows your EVOLV Home button, notifications, your profile, (with some features that are coming soon (Billing and Users) and Logout button



Quick Client Access- small icons on the far-left list all of your ACTIVE clients, you can search or simply select any client from this list to open their EVOLV data.  You will have quick links from there (see below on Client List section). 


*Hint- keep this list open by clicking on the hamburger iconmceclip3.pngmceclip4.png

Add- The + icon in Support Tickets, Client List and Product Feedback allow you to quickly add what you need.  Click it to add a ticket, a client or a new request from our development team


Full screen- The full screen view is available in all sections.  Click on it to get a full view of each section and additional data mceclip8.png

Refresh- the refresh icon is available throughout your dashboard.  The system will auto refresh after any changes in EVOLV or new logins, but you can also refresh at any time to have your page in real-time all the time.  There is a date and timestamp to show the last time your page was refreshed.mceclip9.png

Sort and Filter- use the sort option by clicking on a heading or dragging it into the top bar.  Filter by selecting the filter icon


Search and Export- use the date range options to search by your desired date range.  Click the export button to export to Excel or PDF as needed.


The client list is available in CARD view or GRID view. You can change the view by clicking on the waffle icon.


In GRID view sort clients by date created, company name, email or contact name by clicking on the heading you want to sort by.


Use the ... to do some quick actions items


Search for a client in any view mceclip16.png

On the CARD view, click the edit icon or the avatar to edit a client profile


Or click anywhere on the CARD to go to full client details

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