Phishing Email Mar 8 2018

At approximately 3amET on March 8, 2018 an email account of one of our staff members was compromised. The affected account was quickly contained but several phishing emails were sent purporting to be from PaymentEvolution Support and/or this individual. This message included a Microsoft Word document attachment that prompts you for Office 365 credentials to open the message.




This message is a phishing attempt. PaymentEvolution will not send you encrypted or macro-enabled Word documents.



Was my personal information compromised?

If you received a message, your email address was exposed but no other personal information, bank details or pay history has been affected. Your PaymentEvolution account has not been affected.

What has PaymentEvolution done to stop this phishing attempt?

Our engineering team has isolated the affected user and system. Our network, storage and other computing facilities have not been affected. We are informing all clients as a precaution. Additional malware intrusion systems have been brought online and we're continuing to monitor all systems and services for other attempts.


What can I do to improve the security of my email and systems?

Use common sense - do not open attachments or provide your personal information to anyone you do not know. Macro-enabled attachments are often used to deliver malware and we recommend not enabling these macros. Practice good password hygiene - change them often and make them difficult to guess.

Where can I learn more about this type of macro-enabled phishing attempt?

This phishing attempt looks similar to the May 2017 Google Docs phishing attempt but is now targeting Microsoft Office 365. For general information regarding these types of attempts, please see  


Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions please get in touch - 

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