Special Pay Runs

Special Runs, what are they and when do I use them?

Special runs are a great feature available in the system to allow for off-cycle runs.  They are available on any of our paid plans and you can select it on the “Select Pay Cycle” page in the “payroll type” section.  They have a few features and here are a few suggested uses for them.


  • Does not affect any employees who are not part of the special run
  • Uses the bonus tax method
  • Does not take CPP/QPP exemptions into account


  • Use the special run to perform another run within the same period as a regular pay run. For example, if you forgot to process an employee, need to add some additional hours or earnings, the special run allows you to add them in for the same pay cycle.
  • If you want to pay just one employee, the special run will not create a 0.00 entry in the EI history for other employees you don't pay in that cycle.
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