Zero Hours

You can approve a pay run for an employee but set their hours to zero (0). The dollar amount you stipulate will still be calculated as part of the pay run.

The zero hours option is a feature that allows you to pay an employee without giving them insurable hours. To take advantage of this you can simply enter 0 hours and approve them. They will be paid their default amount (based on their employee profile) or the total amount you stipulate.

If you want to pay them a different amount other than their default amount please use another earnings code (either one already in the system or a custom one) by clicking the ADD+ button at the end of the line and selecting the earnings code you wish to use.

If you do not want to pay them at all (because they did not work during that pay period) simply Do NOT APPROVE them. If you run a pay run and do not approve them, they will not get paid. In addition a 0.00 entry will be recorded on their EI history.


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