Additional Tax does not show on Remittance Report

If you've setup an additional tax rule (using this guide) but the amounts are not being included in your remittance report and/or payments to the government, check your general ledger account code settings.

Ensure that the GL code on the additional tax rule matches the GL code in your profile for Federal Tax. The default GL code for Federal Tax is "2628" (this is the Canada Revenue Agency's standard code for "withholding taxes payable").

If you have setup a custom GL code for federal code, navigate to settings  -> Payroll Options -> G/L tab to determine the custom number you have setup:

Now, go to settings -> Pay Rules and check the GL code box for the Additional Tax deduction. If these are not the same, make the adjustment so future runs are properly calculated.


If you have set the correct GL code and are still experiencing an issue, try:

  • Check the custom rule and ensure that it has been enabled using the check box.
  • Check your employee profiles to ensure you've added the custom rule 

Once the GL code is set correctly and the rules applied, the additional tax will be deducted from the employee's pay and remitted along with your regular remittances.

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