Payroll Advances for Employees (ZayZoon)

Your employees will have access to pay advances with ZayZoon once you have setup ePay direct deposit. Access to this short term funding is provided through PayChequer - the free employee self-service tool included with each PaymentEvolution account.

To receive pay advances, employees should login to their PayChequer account and tap/click the ZayZoon square or Advance link in the menu.


Am I liable for my employees’ advances?

No. The employee is responsible for paying back the advance. Funds are collected from their bank accounts for payment to ZayZoon.

Do I repay my employees advance?

No. All advances are repaid from their pay by PaymentEvolution directly to ZayZoon when their payroll is finalized.

My Employee has questions about their current advance, who do they talk to?

Contact ZayZoon by visiting ZayZoon handles all inquires regarding these pay advances.

My employee can’t seem to login to their PayChequer account. What do I do?

If you employee cannot login to their PayChequer account, check that they have the correct login credentials including their company alias, email and password.

If they have forgotten their password, you can go into PaymentEvolution select EMPLOYEES> EDIT> EMPLOYEE ACCESS and change their password followed by clicking SAVE. They will then be able to use that password to log in.

My employee says their available balance is zero, why is that?

There are a few reasons why an employee may not have an advance amount available to them.  They include:

- Not paid via direct deposit
- Hasn’t received a paycheck yet (new job)
- Is no longer employed by COMPANY
-Employee hasn't clicked on the Zayzoon tile in PayChequer to activate

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