Managing permissions, roles and shared access

Employee Security Type

One of the advantages of using a cloud-based payroll service is sharing payroll responsibilities amongst your team. Now when you create or modify an employee profile, you can set their permission level – granting them access to various aspects of the payroll service (like recording the time your employees have worked)


There are 5 permission types / roles available in the system. The primary permission type is “Payroll Master”. This role (not visible in the employee profile) is your master account and is the default account used when you first create your company profile. It has full capabilities in the system and is the account you want to use when making changes to your company profile or updating your pay rules. The other 4 permission levels are available for you to assign to your employees, depending on your plan.


Use the chart above to determine the access level you wish to grant your employees. 

The ‘timekeeper’ role is available so you could have a manager or team lead enter time sheets for a group of employees (but not see individual wages).

The 'timesheet manager' role can enter and approve full payruns for time-based _employees only. The Reports and Actions menu are not_ available.

The ‘payroll manager’ can complete full pay runs and view reports (for all salaried, time-based and contractor staff).

If you set an employee to have ‘employee’ level access, they can only see their own pay history.


To have staff access these additional features, they should login at They will not be able to access these payroll features from

**On this login page there is a field for COMPANY.  Please enter either the Company email address or the Company Alias to access the correct company. 

Here’s what a ‘payroll manager’ will see when they login:


Payroll managers can use the 'switch view' button mceclip1.png

to toggle between their own personal pay history and processing payroll for their company. The 'timesheets' link can be used to quickly enter the time worked by members of your staff.

Some important notes:

  • Employees should continue using to view their full pay history and tax documents. 
  • Self-entry of timesheets is not available broadly yet (but we’re working on it!)
  • If you have a payrun in progress and it contains salaried staff, the timesheet manager can potentially see the wages of the salaried employees when finalizing the payrun. As a matter of practice, you should finish any pay runs with salaried staff before having your timesheet manager perform payruns.
  • If you terminate an employee, they will no longer have access to payroll functions but can still view their own pay history at
  • Roles are only assignable to employees you’ve profiled in the system (users outside your organization cannot be assigned roles at this time)
  • Please email to let us know the name of any authorized users on your account so our support team know it is ok to speak with them directly.
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