ePay transaction details and status

Detailed transactions and status of ePay payments

If you are using the ePay service to pay your staff, the ePay / Direct Deposit report will provide you details about your transactions. To view this report, login to your account and go to REPORTS -> ePay / Direct Deposit report.

You will see a list of your transactions:



To see the details for a particular set of payroll transactions, use the details icon. You will see a list of detailed transactions at the bottom of your screen:



Note: Payment Date indicates the date the payee is expected to receive funds. While every effort is made to ensure funds are received on this date, we cannot guarantee receipt on a particular day or a particular time. Occasionally funds will be held by the receiving institution - some reasons include frozen accounts, incorrect account details, account closed etc. We will notify you of these issues using the email address in your company profile and will work with you to correct them.

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