Manual Payrun (feature)

Manual Payrun feature

Please note that this feature is available as an option to accounts with our accountant / bookkeeper partners

This feature DOES NOT create a negative bank file.  If your clients are using epay please contact us at to ask to stop the payment to employees or return remittance amounts from the original run.  Fees may apply.

The manual payrun feature is useful to post correcting entries to your payroll account. It functions like a manual journal entry in your accounting system - no payroll calculations are performed, just the entries you input are posted.

  1. Start a payrun. You will see a new option under payroll type called "manual" manualrun1.jpg
  2. Submit and you'll see a list of your employees. Select the employee you wish to post manual entries for.

**NOTE- the system will give you an option to pull the employee's default hours/pay or not. We recommend you say yes if the employee is salaried for easier entry.  If the employee is time-based please click no.  Please always use the employee's payslip from that payrun and enter negative amounts for each item as they appear on the payslip.

  1. You can now edit any field and enter manual amounts. For example, you can adjust the Regular Earnings, EI, CPP or any other field to reflect the changes you wish to make. Note: NO calculations will be performed - be sure to enter the data exactly as you need.  In the summary section, please ONLY enter the negatives for Insurable Earnings and Vacation Earned, other items will be totaled from details below.
  2. Save the entry.  The Net Pay should now be a negative of the original net pay (which would net 0.00 if combined)  **Only saved employees will be moved to the PAYMENTS step.
  3. Continue the payrun as usual to post any further employee entries.


Important notes:

  • This feature is only available to accounts registered with our accountant / bookkeeper partners. Please send a note to our support team if you need this activated for your clients.
  • No payroll or other calculations are made using the manual entries using this feature
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