Testing account - sandbox access

I need to test the service

So you've discovered Payroll and you want to try it out and see if it is going to work for you.  That’s great!  The BEST thing to do is to use our already pre-populated demo account.  You can access it from the LOGIN page and simply click the “Test using a Full Demo Account” blue button on the bottom right.


Don’t be afraid to try anything you want in this account, we promise you won't mess anything up. Try all the scenarios you can think of, change pay rates and types, add rules, use those rules, terminate employees and create ROEs, run mock payrolls and pay out additional earnings and then view the reports on the payruns you created. 

The information will not be stored in the account so once you log out (or are timed out) it will be removed.

I need to remove a test payrun from my account

We don't normally support deleting payruns as they are considered a finalized accounting transaction and as such should never be deleted.  See this article for the reasoning and what you can do.


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