Support for Employer Health Tax (EHT)

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In Ontario certain companies will need to pay EHT or Employer Health Tax for their employees.  To see if your organization is subject to the EHT, please see

You can have EHT calculations performed automatically for you in Payroll.

To set up EHT go to COMPANY SETTINGS>PAY RULES. If you have employees in Ontario you should see a new tab called “Company Rules” select this and EHT will be there.

To get it up and running, please click ENABLED box and then set your GL code, your EHT account number, your exemption amount (if different than the default) and your remittance frequency.

Click SAVE

Now, once you hit the exemption amount the program will automatically start calculating EHT. To get an EHT report (at the end of your reporting period) Please go to ACTIONS>EHT REMITANCE REPORT. The report will then be generated for you.

**NOTE Payroll does NOT remit EHT on your behalf

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