Automatic vacation calculations

Keeping track of vacation dollars earned and paid can get cumbersome, but we've created an easy way for you to keep vacation amounts in PaymentEvolution Payroll.

First, determine how much vacation you will be paying your staff. Typical employment standards dictate between 4% and 8% - though you may want to create custom amount for your firm. Check that the vacation rate you want to use is available in your account:

Login and navigate to SETTINGS -> PAY RULES and click the VACATION TAB


You'll see a listing of the current vacation rules in your profile in the dropdown box. If you don't see the percentage you need, go ahead and create a new vacation rule. You can also set the rule to "accrue" (accumulate vacation each payrun) or "release" (pay out vacation on each pay run).

Make sure you save the rule.

Now navigate to the EMPLOYEES section and edit the employee you wish to activate automatic vacation for. Under the "payroll details and rules" tab, you see a field for automatic vacation - select the rate you want (and existing rule or a custom one you just created above).


The next time you perform a payrun, vacation will be automatically calculated for you.

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