Expense reimbursements

Expense reimbursements

Did you know that you could reimburse employee expenses as part of the payroll process? Employees will get their funds sooner and more securely - and you'll be able to ensure payments have been made.

To get started, you should know how to create custom rules for your payroll. 

  1. Login to your account and navigate to settings-icon-gear.PNG  -> PAY RULES -> EARNINGS
  2. Modify an unused rule or click "add new rule". Give it a memorable name like "Expense Reimbursements" - this will show on your employee pay slips. Uncheck the boxes for CPP, EI, Fed and Prov Tax as well as 'vactionable' and 'occasional earnings' - we're essentially creating a custom earning that is not taxable and not subject to automatic vacation calculations. Remember to click the SAVE icon.
  3. Now when you perform a pay run you'll be able to use the "ADD OTHER" button on the salaries or timesheets page to enter this custom earning for each employee.

NOTE: If you've previously used this rule, you should go back and edit it to remove 'vacationable'. This will allow you to use the rule if you turn on automatic vacation tracking for your employees.

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