How do I delete a payrun or make changes to a finalized payroll?

We do not support "deleting" a pay run but we do have a few options in case you make a mistake. 

First - here's why we don't support deletion

We adhere to accounting best practices in that committed transactions should not be "deleted" for auditing purposes. For example, if you've completed and finalized a pay run we assume you have issued payments to your employees (either via cheque or our e-Pay service). If you realize a few days later that you made a mistake, how do you go about changing the amount the employee was paid? What if the employee was overpaid - how do you collect the overpayment back? More importantly, your pay runs should be a complete (and accurate) record of how you pay your staff which can hold up to potential audits.

Instead, incorrect entries should be fixed in the next pay run. This gives you a better picture of the error and the corrective actions you've taken - and gives you a full history in case there are questions later. For example, if you've over paid an employee - make an adjustment to the wages on the next pay run rather than deleting and re-running the payroll.

To ensure you have every opportunity to make fixes before committing your pay runs, we allow full changes to any pay run at any stage prior to finalization. This means we give you the opportunity to make any changes at any point during your pay cycle to correct errors, make adjustments or fix any figures prior to finalizing your pay run. Say, for example, that you are almost done your payroll run and are on the payments stage - you can still go back and adjust the hours worked for an individual employee and recalculate their wages before finalizing the pay run.

We also have multiple confirmations during the actual pay run process to ensure you are entering the right numbers and last, we have a clear warning before our finalization step that clearly indicates that committed transactions cannot be deleted.

We do recognize, however, that there may be special cases in which you really do need to delete or modify transactions in your account. In those cases, we can have a payroll specialist create reversing transactions to "undo" these runs. A fee applies for these changes. If you would like to have them perform this work, please send us the details of the transactions you need modified and we'll issue an invoice. Once paid, they will begin their work.

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