Closing / shutting down my business

So you have decided to close your business. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing we are sorry to see you leave us. We know you have a lot to do to finish up your Business’s books so creating your T4s and ROEs is very simple.

To terminate your employees and create ROEs follow the steps here:

To create your T4s when it is not the calendar year end - here’s how:
Go to ACTIONS> YEAR END, on the “Review YTD” page please click “Generate Latest YTD Report” to make sure you have all up to date information. Then simply click on “Create/View T4 etc.” You can complete all steps the same as at year end, and generate the slips for filing with the CRA and/or Revenu Quebec.

Once you have completed all these items you can choose to close your account with us or not. Your account will remain active until your expiry date (on the Business Plan) and up to 3 months (free plan or Business Plus) unless you manually close it. Note that once you close the account your data will be archived and you will not have ready access to it, fees will apply to reopen it. Please make sure you take whatever reports you need prior to closing the account.

To manually close your account (recommended if you are on the Business Plus plan to stop further billing) please see 

We strongly recommend downloading the following reports from your profile:

  • Cheques/Payslips - a history of all the payslips in your profile (Paid plans: downloadable as PDF by pay run. Green plan: viewable online only)
  • Journal/Register - a history of each pay run (Paid plans: downloadable as PDF by pay run. Green plan: viewable online only)
  • Employee T4/RL-1 - tax slips for your employees 
  • Year to Date Summary and Year to Date Journal for each tax year you had an account.  On the top right of your screen select a tax year and then go to each of these reports and and click Create New Report.  Download the PDF.  Repeat for each tax year.
  • Payrun History- complete history of each completed payrun by tax year.  Run for each tax year and download PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

You may also want to download / archive other reports - these can be accessed in the REPORTS menu. 

Once you are all done and ready to close the account, go to COMPANY SETTINGS>COMPANY PROFILE>ACCOUNT DETAILS and click the button to Close My Account.  Once you do this you will no longer be able to access the account but employees will stay have access to PayChequer for the history.

That's it, you're all done! We wish you much success in your future endeavors and hope to see you back again!

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