Payroll and remittance periods

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What is a payroll period?

Our Payroll system provides you an easy way to keep track of your payroll remittances owed to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec with a feature known as payroll periods. Payroll periods are the interval during which payroll is regularly done. For example, weekly or monthly payroll periods refer to pay runs that are done on a weekly or monthly basis. The payroll period describes a specific period with start and end dates - for example, the monthly payroll period from 01 through 31 May.

What is a remittance period?

Remittance periods refer to the Canada Revenue Agency's schedule for payroll remittance payments. They can be different than your payroll period. For example, the CRA may assign your company a monthly remittance period and your payroll remittance payments will be due on the 15th the following month. Your pay periods, however, may be weekly in which case you will have multiple pay periods within a remittance period.

Closing your remittance period

We recommend you close your remittance period after performing the last pay run for that period. In the image above, the remittance period would be closed after performing the payroll ending on July 26. This remittance period would include pay runs ending on Jul 5, 12, 19, and 26. Since the CRA considers the payment date (rather than working days) for determining the when the remittance is due, the pay run paid on Aug 2 would be remitted September 15 (assuming you are a monthly remitter). Once you close your remittance period, you will receive a consolidated remittance report totaling your obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency and (if applicable) Revenu Québec. If you are using our ePay service to send funds to the CRA, you must close your payroll period at least 5 days prior to the due date to ensure your payment arrives on time.

How to close your remittance period

You can close the remittance period by answering YES to the prompt at the beginning of each payrun asking you if you are starting a new remittance period. Alternatively you can close the period manually by going to the ACTIONS menu and selecting END OF PERIOD. By following the onscreen prompts you'll close the period and generate your period-end reports (remittance reports, GL reports, exports to accounting systems etc).

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