Creating T4, T4A and RL-1 tax slips

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Updated Dec 29, 2015

T4, T4A and RL-1 forms

You can use the Payroll service to create year end tax forms for your employees. This guide will walk you through creating the documents and submitting them to the right tax authorities.


Creating a T4, T4A and RL-1 slip

To produce year end tax documents like T4, T4A and RL-1 slips for your employees follow these directions: 

  1. Login into your payroll account. Select ACTIONS in the menu bar then YEAR END

  2. You'll see the steps necessary to generate these year-end tax forms. In general, you'll first review your payroll year-to-date figures, generate (and submit) your T4, T4A (if applicable) and RL-1 (if applicable).

  3. Confirm your payroll year and click "CREATE / VIEW T4"
  4. Review and validate: make any adjustments, add any custom benefits or amounts in the 'other information' boxes at the bottom, and use the "next" and "previous" links to view all the T4s for your staff. You may want to consult the CRA guide if you are entering custom box numbers and amounts:

    PLEASE NOTE: if you need to manually add a T4 slip - click the button "ADD T4" and fill out the form manually.

  5. Click Generate T4 Summary (for your company). Fill out the information needed for your T4 Summary


    Enter the social insurance number of the owner / proprietor of the business.
    Enter the total amount remitted YTD to the Canada Revenue Agency (and make note of the "amount owed" field). If you do not know the amount, please refer to the Statement of Source Remittances (PD7A) document sent to you by the CRA. This is either mailed to your business address or made available in electronic format through the My Business portal on the CRA website.  This is your confirmation of what CRA has reported receiving.


  6. Now you can publish the T4 slips to your employee portal on Your employees will have full online access to the T4 slips without you needing to print and distribute them.

  7. Your T4 reports are now ready for submission. You can submit electronically (preferred) or print the reports to mail. To mail the reports, go to SUMMARY click the download link (PDF) and print the report locally.


    You can view your T4 reports. Make sure you sign the T4 Summary before mailing. 

  8. If you have any subcontractors in your profile, you'll see the option to create T4A slips. Follow the same process to create the return.
  9. If you have any Québec based employees in your profile, you'll see the option to create RL-1 slips. Follow the same process to create the return and see below for submitting to Revenu Québec.


Submitting T4, T4A and summaries to the CRA

  1. To send your T4 reports electronically, click on the Download XML FILE link to download the file necessary for electronic submission to the CRA. 

  2. Now visit the CRA site and log in to the 'My Business' portal and navigate to the PAYROLL area and tap/click 'File a return':

  3. Select 'Internet File Transfer':

  4. Upload your file:

  5. You'll receive a verification notice from the CRA site:

Submitting RL-1 forms and summaries to Revenu Québec

  1. Generate your RL-1 slips

    Enter your company RL-1 summary details

    Download the RL-1 XML file / PDF if you are submitting the data directly to Revenu Quebec.

    Alternatively, if you have entered an XML submitter number in your RL-1 summary details, you can submit directly click on step 5.  **NOTE this option will only submit employee slips, you still need to submit your company summary to Revenue Quebec.


  2. (OPTIONAL if you have not submitted directly through payroll profile) Visit the Revenu Québec site to transmit your RL-1 slips online. Tap 'Access Service':
  3. Follow the on screen prompts to submit your XML file. You'll need your transmitter number and business identification number. If you do not have these, you can apply for them from the site directly.
  4. After you submit your slips electronically download the PDF file of the RL-1 Summary and mail this in to Revenu Quebec.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to submit RL slips electronically, each business requries a transmitter number. This transmitter number may vary from year to year. You should receive this number directly from Revenu Quebec. 
Existing businesses who have submitted RL forms to Revenu Quebec in the past will also have received slip numbers. You will need your transmitter number and your slip number to submit your RL forms.
To obtain a transmitter number, please visit the Revenu Quebec site and submit an ED-430-V form. Revenu Quebec will then respond with your transmitter number.

Accessing T4, T4A, RL-1 reports after submitting

Once you've created the T4 and other reports, you can always go back the REPORTS area and select T4 Reports to view/print/download the PDF and XML file again. 

PLEASE NOTE: The PDF and XML versions are only available if you are on a paid payroll plan.

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