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Updated Oct 6 2014

With the release of our Payroll e-Pay service, adding electronic payments has never been easier. To get started, login to your Payroll account, and click the "sign up" link for direct deposit in your dashboard.

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You'll be prompted to download the forms needed to get started. 

Some things to note: 

  • Fees: There is a fee per transaction. If you are paying 5 employees, the number of transactions would be 6 (one withdrawal from your corporate bank account and 5 payments to your employee bank accounts)
  • Signup: since we are dealing directly with your bank account, we need to verify that you are the signing officer for the account and have the ability to delegate us to make payments from that account. This requires us to gather physical evidence (i.e. billing statements, incorporation papers and photo ID). All this information is used only to verify your identity and establish the e-Pay service. We treat this information as highly sensitive and private - and in accordance with our privacy policy, will never sell or rent your private information to others. A  setup fee applies, plus applicable taxes.  Setup fee is one time only UNLESS you change banks or bank accounts. 
  • Processing time: Payments take 4 business days to process and we make payments to your employees on every business day (exceptions include bank and statutory holidays). For most companies, this would allow you to process payroll on a Monday (by NoonET) for an upcoming Friday payment.
  • Remittances: we support electronic payments to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec. There is a fee per payrun for this service.  **NOTE- we do not remit EHT payments.

Payroll e-Pay is fully integrated with our payroll service. Once you have activated your account for e-Pay, just change the payment method for your employees to "e-Pay" and the next pay run will be fully electronic!

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