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    We've implemented an easy multiple step process to help you get your payroll done. Each step of the process allows you to validate and confirm the data you've entered. If you need to stop part way through a pay run - no problem - we save all your work and allow you to come back later to finish the process. 

    Doing your payroll is as easy as following the steps. First, make sure you've set your company  payroll options and  added your employees

    Next, click on RUN PAYROLL in the main menu. Here you will be presented with the steps needed to get your payroll done. 


    Select pay cycle 

    This is your first step of the pay roll process. Here you will select the "process date" (typically the last day of the pay run, but you can customize if needed). You will also select the pay cycle - weekly, biweekly, monthly etc. This will automatically filter the list of employees and only show those that are eligible to be paid during this pay cycle in the next steps. Select the start and end dates of the pay period and click SUBMIT to move to the next step. 



    Your list of salaried employees will be displayed next. We will pre-fill the number of hours, their pay rate and total amount of earnings for you. You can make any adjustments if necessary.   Approve the regular hours by checking the box to the left of the employee name and click APPROVE at the top.


    You can also ADD OTHER earnings by clicking the appropriate icon next to the employee name 



    Employees who are time-based (ie paid by the hour) will be displayed on this screen. We will pre-fill the number of hours for you (averaged over the number of work days and based on the number of hours typically worked by the employee as determined by their employee profile). To clear all hours, click the "clear hours" icon. 


    If you would rather enter time for your employees in bulk (ie total number of hours worked in the pay period) then click the bulk entry icon to switch the view. 



    Once you completed entering wages, hours and other earnings - click calculate. You will be prompted to calculate using the system defaults or performing a custom calculation. For most pay runs, the default is appropriate. If you would like to calculate a one-time deduction or benefit for your staff, you can customize the calculation as needed. 


    Once the calculations are complete, you'll be able to view the results by employee. Using the dropdown box, you'll be able to view a pay slip for an employee. 



    Here you can process the payments for your employees. If you are paying via cheque, the system will generate a cheque report which you can use to print cheques on pre-printed cheque stock. If you are processing  electronic payments, the system will confirm the payment dates and process them for you. 


    Up until this point, you can go back to any point in the payroll process and make adjustments as needed. After this step, the pay run is committed and not editable. 


    This will show you a summary of your pay run and the employees you have paid. 


    That's it! You've completed your payroll 

    If you want to see it all in action - here's an video walkthrough 

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