How do I Edit / Add an employee?

Before you can start your first payroll, you'll need to add your employees. To get started follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your Payroll account. If this is the first time you've accessed your account after registering, you'll be prompted to add your first employee:
  2. If you skipped that step or are looking to add another employee to your profile, click on the EMPLOYEES section in the main menu and then "+Add Employee":
  3. Now you can add the details for your employee. On the "personal information" tab, enter the employee's name and other details. Ensure you record the correct Social Insurance Number (SIN) for the employee for tax reporting purposes. You can email the login deatils to your employee so they can view their pay history online at
  4. On the "payroll details and rules" tab, enter the wage information for the individual. You can also set automatic vacation accrual and release here as well. The employee should have provided you a completed TD1 form. Enter those figures here as well.  If you are unsure which Province of Employment to set your employee to please see HERE *Note this may be different from where the employee lives.
  5. If you are migrating your payroll from another system or converting from manual calculations, go to the "financial YTD" tab to enter the historical information for the employee. This is important to ensure the correct deductions are made for the employee: HINT #1If your previous provider did not break out Federal and Provincial Taxes please enter all data in Federal Tax box.  Hint #2- consider having your previous payroll system send in an interim ROE for "changing payroll providers" to keep their EI history current with Service Canada.
  6. After you've completed entering these details, click SAVE. You are now ready to do your payrun.
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