Q: Where is my data stored?

En Francias

The PaymentEvolution service is a cloud-based solution. Any data you enter into the service is stored securely in our data-centers and replicated (securely) to redundant centers for backup and resiliency. The following table outlines where we store the various types of data sent to the PaymentEvolution service: 

Data Type Description Location
Payroll data Any data pertaining to payroll - including salary information, pay rates, tax information, employee profiles, bank information and data that you send via https://secure.paymentevolution.com East and West data-centers in CANADA. Data is NOT sent to other geographies
Help forum, support tickets Any data you send via https://help.paymentevolution.com or via email to support@paymentevolution.com

Forum and guide: USA and European Economic Area (EEA)
Ticket data, attachments, chat history: USA and EEA
Twitter DM: USA
Instagram: USA
Facebook: USA and EEA

Voice  Calls made to our various telephone numbers  All calls are terminated in CANADA. Metadata regarding these calls are maintained in CANADA.


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