I Have a New CRA Number

Whether you have incorporated or changed owners or whatever the case may be, you now have a new CRA number.  Please DO NOT change the CRA number on your account as this will affect your reporting and is incorrect according to CRA.  You need to maintain any reports associated with the old CRA number independently for audit purposes.  So, instead you need to shut down your current business and open a new one.

See HERE for how to shut down your business

The basics are:

  • Issue ROEs for all employees from old company
  • Issue T4s for all employees from old company
  • Open a new account with the new CRA number.
    • *Hint- you will need a new email address
  • Hire all employees as new (make sure you filed those ROEs)
  • Send in a new Epay form for your new business with the new email and new CRA number (fee will apply)
  • Email us  if you need the bank details moved over, or if you are on our Business Plan and would like to move the remainder of your subscription over to your new account.


Your old account will be closed when payment is moved.  All data will remain but you will no longer have access to it once the subscription is moved.  Contact us if you need access to the old account.

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