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Use this handy checklist to gather all the things you will need to get setup and running with payroll.  You can download a PDF version of the full Checklist, or a simplified version at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you are moving from another payroll provider part way through the year you MAY want to have them send interim ROEs for your employees, to avoid manual adjustments later. 

Checklist for Getting Started with Payroll

  • Gather Your Documents
    • CRA number
    • Employee profile information - Address, bank details, pay rates, vacation etc.
    • Last payslips from previous payroll service (this will contain your YTD numbers)
    • TD1 forms for employees
  • Complete Epay forms- complete and send these in while you work on the other stuff. You can download the form HERE
  • Benefit/Deduction Review
    • Speak to your accountant/bookkeeper, or benefits provider, about the tax implications for any benefits/deductions you use for your employees
    • Write what you find out down, you will need it later.
    • Calculate your per payrun premium amount for any premiums paid monthly
      • Example: Health benefits are $100/month and you pay Bi-weekly.  Your per payrun calculation would be:
        • 100*12=1200/yearly
        • 1200/26=46.15 per payrun
  • Accounting integration
    • Do you need to add items to the Chart of Accounts in your accounting program that you plan to integrate with payroll?
    • Speak to your accountant/bookkeeper to find out what they want for reporting
  • Set up company
  • Add employees
    • Personal information- use an email so they can access paychequer easier
    • Don’t forget the vacation settings
    • Tax details- the GL code allows you to departmentalize
    • TD1 values are dollar values
    • Benefits/deductions
      • This is where you apply those per pay premiums to each employee.
    • YTD- add these before first payrun from the last payslip you gathered in step 1
      • If your payslips do not include Federal and provincial taxes broken down, put the full amount in Federal Tax
    • Ready to run!
    • Need more help? See our FAQ or help pages here:
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