Account Updates

We're making some updates to your PayChequer account!  

This August you will be prompted to update your account on the PayEvo login page. For now, no action is required, but we want to provide information on what will be required in the near future. 

When it happens, you’ll be prompted to: 

  • Confirm your email and mobile phone number 
  • Confirm your address 
  • Update your password* 

*You will be required to update your password if it does not meet the current password requirements. 


Why do I have to update my account? 

Your data and account security are our priority. We are updating your login to allow for enhanced password protection.

In addition, these changes will allow you to add multiple PayChequer accounts within one profile. No more logging in to multiple places for your data. These other accounts will only be visible to you – none of your employers will be able to see your data from other companies.

What will happen to my data? 

All your data will remain as it is currently – nothing is at risk of being lost through this process. 

What can I do to prepare? 

We recommend updating your password to meet the new criteria. All passwords must contain, at minimum, eight characters, including one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one number. In addition, you can confirm your current address, phone number and email by accessing your profile in the top right corner of your account. 

Can I do this early? 

You can make the updates recommended immediately above if you wish, which will reduce the number of steps you will need to complete later. However, all users will be required to complete the process by August 2023.