Release Notes: Updates and Improvements



The PayEvo experience continually improves with each release, as our product teams work to resolve issues and regularly implement new features. To see the latest fixes, features, and enhancements, check out the release notes below.

July 2022

NetSuite and Employee 3.2  Improvements     Updates    Bug Fixes


Improvements and updates surrounding NetSuite and Employee 3.2.  

This release:

  1. Records per page now show a minimum of ten and user selection of desired number of results is persistent. 
  2. User selection of desired number of results for records page is now persistent with cookies.


  • Performance improvement when serializing models.
  • Link to submit manually takes the user to sign up for ROE Web instead of a new account.
  • The system does not allow the user to type beyond 120 characters in the comments box (limitation of Service Canada).
  • Added performance improvements in the ROE creation process to reduce loading times.
  • Removed pre-populated dates while re-hiring so that users can choose the date of re-hire.
  • Users can make fields null on employee profiles to remove input values on the profile.
  • Added widowed in the marital status of employee details.
  • Added new warning when adding employees if under 18y or over 70y.
  • Added profile name on Updated By for avatar tooltip of employee list.
  • Search box made easier to find based on client feedback.
  • Dropdowns are now more intuitive based on client feedback.
  • Grid responsiveness improved (wide screen vs narrow screen). The grid is responsive to the device form factor, with the number of columns being based on screen width. 
  • Action menu for grid now floating for easy access.
  • Improved performance on yearend across the yearend process.
  • Improved registration class and generalized flow for all integrations.
  • [Backend] Improvements for NetSuite employee grid.


  • Updated Add Employee: Payroll Details.
  • Updated the employee grid and onboarding grid view, and added the ability to delete draft records.
  • Added dropdown to Province Column in import grid.
  • Added notification for users of ignored employees on CSV upload.
  • [NetSuite] U.S. customers and subsidiaries can now pay their Canadian employees through PayEvo integration.
  • The Employee Type column has been added as a second line under the Type column, adding the ability to be filtered and sorted.
  • Records per page now show a minimum of ten.
  • Sorting by Employee ID and the last name updated. Multiple elements of a box are able to get sorted.
  • User selection for the employee records page remains the same.
  • Added filter badges at the top of the grid so that users can see which filters are currently on the grid.
  • [Backend] Added new import members feature to Add Employee.
  • [NetSuite] Created an endpoint to get OAuth tokens when the user doesn't log in from NS.
  • [NetSuite] Fixed CSV import issues.
  • [NetSuite] Fixed error where import grid dropdowns were shown as 'undefined.'
  • [NetSuite] Fixed handle token error message and JSON parse error.
  • [NetSuite] Fixed error where users who ignore any employee on the column mapping screen and then click on the resync button would see previously uploaded employees along with ignored employees.
  • [NetSuite] Now receive NS user's info from the API endpoint.
  • [NetSuite] Only import 'Active' employees.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed onboarding employee setup step that asked for a required email field.
  • Fixed database conflict issue with two accountants when data is loaded.
  • Fixed bug when RL1 submission is done if any number is invalid and an error message is shown and the RL1 is not submitted automatically.
  • Fixed CSV upload UI bugs.
  • Fixed mapping YTD fields and uploading employees through new upload flow from the employee grid that resulted in a bad request error.