Next day payments are here!

Starting Tues Aug 24, 2021 We will now accept Interac e-transfers for pay runs up to $25,000. 

Plans: available on all plans with ePay

Services: available on Payroll and Business Payments

Running Payroll/Business Payments

Payroll: When you get to the Payments step of your pay run or Business Payments page select Wire ID 004 as your Payment Method under Funding Source:

You will see that your employee/vendor payment date will show a next day payment.

In order to pay employees/vendors next day we MUST receive the funds no later than 3:30EST the day before.  Interac payments can take up to 1 hour to be received so plan accordingly. 

Your fees will include your wire fee.

Take note of the amount, on the pop-up finalizations as this is the full amount to send via Interac.

Finish the pay run/payment as normal.

Making your Payment

You will need a few things to make your payment.

1. Ensure your bank allows you to make etransfers up to the amount you will need to send.  Reminder the max is $25,000, but your bank may have a lower limit for you.  Ask them to up your limit if needed.

2. Email to send funds to:

3. Your account number: contact us vial Email or Phone and we are happy to give it you.  

Login to your online banking and navigate to your Interac etransfer page. 

Add a payment for your full payroll/payment amount to 

Enter your account number in the notes field.

Finalize your payment.

As long as payment is received by 3:30EST the day before we will make a next day payment to your employees or vendors.