You can sign up for a new PaymentEvolution account by going to our pricing pages for Business Plans or Accountant Plans


To register, click the NEW USER button

You will then be prompted to select a plan and continue the registration process

B. Choose the plan that best fits your organization

C. Enter your details as a new user

D. Enter details about your organization

E. Tell us about the type of firm you have and services that interest you.

*Under the BEST DESCRIBES YOU section, you can select:

  • Canadian Firm
  • American Firm
  • Accountant/Bookkeeping Firm
  • Benefits Broker

Click and of the boxes that interest you

F. Enter Payroll details to continue


*The PayChequr URL field allows you to create a short version of your company name so that staff can easily access their PayChequer account. 

The PayChequer URL will read


A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click to verify your email.

G. Return to the login page and sign in

Congratulations, you have successfully signed up for an account with PaymentEvolution! Now, it's time to get started. Follow our Easy Getting Started Guide to set up your first pay run.