The improved menu and navigation make it easier to manage your profile, run payroll and access your reports.

The simplified left hand menu brings together the main sections of your PayEvo application. The context-aware navigation and sub-menus mean you'll have any part of the application within easy reach. For example, from with the Payroll application, you'll see top-level options to Run Payroll, access Reports and manage Employees. The bottom left Settings area brings your application settings together to quickly verify and make changes as needed.

A. From the left-hand menu, select Reports.

Access all your favourite Reports from the left hand menu. Reports are now grouped as follows:

B. Pay Run: Reports related to your pay runs 

  • Pay History
  • Time Sheet 
  • Time Summary 
  • Journal (Register) 
  • Cheques/Payslips 
  • ePay/Direct Deposit 
  • Payment Register 
  • Summary (formerly Update Summary) 

C. Employee HX: reports on employees, their settings and payments 

  • Employee Explorer
  • Pay Explorer (formerly Dynamic Report) 

D. Accounting: relevant reports for your accountant 

  • Billing (new report that lists all fees debited from your bank)
  • General Ledger 
  • Remittance Report 

E. Yearly: Reports for taxes and year end filings 

  • Tax Filings (includes T4, T4A and RL-1) 
  • Year to Date Journal 
  • Year to Date Summary 
  • PIER Report (available on select professional plans) 

Profile Manager
F. The profile manager provides access to your user profile and security options. 

Payroll Year
G. To change the payroll year, navigate to Settings.

H. Click on Payroll Options.

I. Click on Payroll Year.

J. Change the payroll year.

Please note: changing the payroll year is advanced functionality and should only be done on the advice of our support team. Viewing reports from other payroll years is now automatically done in each report when selecting the appropriate dates.