A:  Here are 4 reasons this could happen:

1. Pay Frequency: This may happen if you are trying to process payroll for a pay cycle that is different than your employee (i.e. you are trying to process a biweekly pay run and your employee is set for semi-monthly). Check to see if your employee is setup for the same pay cycle as the one you are processing.

Login to your account, go to EMPLOYEES and click EDIT beside the employee you wish to check. Under the PAYROLL DETAILS and RULES tab, make note of the pay frequency, adjust and click SAVE


2. Hire Date: You may be trying to process a payroll for an employee before their hire date - check their profile to see if the hire date is before the start of your pay run. The system only displays the employees who are eligible to be paid during that period - an incorrect pay cycle or hire date will cause them to be excluded. Adjust the date and click SAVE.


3.  Pay Type: They are set to wrong pay type.  An employee set to "salaried" will only show up on Salaries page.  An employee set to "time-based" will only show up on the timesheets page.  To check click Employees and then edit the employee. Go to the PAYROLL DETAILS AND RULES tab and select the proper employee type.

4.  Pay Rate: You have not entered a pay rate on the PAYROLL DETAILS AND RULES page, which is required.  Please enter a pay rate and save.

You will need to restart your pay run to get the employee in after you make your changes. 

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