A:  Here are 4 reasons this could happen:

1. Pay Frequency: This may happen if you are trying to process payroll for a pay cycle that is different than your employee (i.e. you are trying to process a biweekly pay run and your employee is set for semi-monthly). Check to see if your employee is setup for the same pay cycle as the one you are processing.

Login to your account, go to EMPLOYEES>PROFILE>PAYROLL PAY DETAILS>APYMENT STRUCTURE and adjust if necessary and click SAVE

2. Hire Date: You may be trying to process a payroll for an employee before their hire date - go to EMPLOYEES>PROFILE>EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT check their profile to see if the hire date is before/during the pay run. The system only displays the employees who are eligible to be paid during that period - an incorrect pay cycle or hire date will cause them to be excluded. Adjust the date and click SAVE if necessary.

3.  Pay Type: They are set to wrong pay type.  An employee set to "salaried" will only show up on Salaries page.  An employee set to "time-based" will only show up on the timesheets page.  To check click Employees>PAYROLL>TYPE OF EMPLOYEE and select the proper employee type if needed and click Save.

4.  Pay Rate: You have not entered a pay rate on the employee's Payment Structure section on the Payroll page of their profile, which is required.  Please enter a pay rate and save.

** In ALL cases you will need to restart your pay run to get the employee in after you make your changes. 

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