Now that you have already integrated your TSheets account with your Payroll account here's how to import your time records into your pay run.

A. Click on Run Payroll.

B. Choose the payment date and pay cycle types.
C. Since this would still be part of your regular cycle, be sure to select Regular Payroll Type.
D. Click on Submit.

E. Click on Import.

F. Select TSheets.
G. Click Next

H. Click OK.

I. All imported Timesheets will be verified at the top. After reviewing them, click Continue to approve them for pay. Any ones that fail to import will give a reason for the failure.

J. Select the checkbox to choose specific employees whose work hours you want to approve.
K. Click on Approve.
L. Repeat the steps above for any additional employees if needed. Then click on Next to continue the pay run. 

If you've already made payments to employees, ensure that the current payment matches the amounts you've paid them exactly.

M. Click on Yes to continue the pay run.




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